You were made for this!

My name is MJ and my official title is the Worship Service Programming Admin, but that’s a lot of words to say I help our WSP team create the Sunday service experience. I’ve just entered my sixth year on staff at PC3. Before I joined this team I had ZERO experience with anything production related and I felt so out of my element! To be honest…many days I still feel ill-equipped, but that’s not true because God placed me here for a purpose. I feel like many of us struggle with this question of “Where do I fit in? Am I really supposed to be here?” I think this is something we all need to explore. But I can tell you that in the last six years, I’ve become part of a family here on the production team that I cherish with all my heart! 

Over the years on staff, we’ve dug into our spiritual gifts (God-given gifts), StrengthsFinder (our natural talents), and Myers-Briggs (personality indicator). It’s amazing to me that we are all created so uniquely with our own individual gifts, talents, and personalities. The God of our universe chooses to form each one of us so differently, so that when we are all put together, He can accomplish His perfect plan. Just think about it…He thought the world needed YOU! We all were created to be His children that He loves so deeply. This love should fill us so much that it overflows to everyone we meet. 

Through all of these assessments one theme stands out for me, and that is that God gave me the gift of hospitality. I absolutely love caring for people and creating places where everyone feels welcome. I especially love taking care of our production family. I want each person on our team to know how incredibly valued and loved they are to me personally, and to our staff! We absolutely could NOT do what we do, week-in and week-out, without our volunteers. My prayer for our team is that we would always be a team that pours into each other and builds each other up ALL THE TIME! That the love we receive from God oozes out to our family. But hospitality doesn’t stop with the people we know.

Hebrews 13:2 tells us “Do not neglect to extend hospitality to strangers, for through doing it some have entertained angels without knowing it”. I love this verse because it is clear…Do NOT neglect to extend hospitality…let that sink in. This is where I want us to take some time to think about our roles on the production team beyond running cameras, computers or switchers. We are invited to extend hospitality to strangers. We don’t know most of the people that sit in the seats each Sunday, yet we get to put Christ’s love on display for them. We get to welcome people every week into our church home. What an incredible gift we’ve been given to steward! 

I really want to encourage our team to get out from behind our gear and go meet the people we get to serve. I’m so thankful for digging in and learning about how God wired me. Although, at first,  I felt I didn’t fit in on the production team, by learning about my gifts I was able to see clearly that God wants me here, and the gifts He gave me serve a purpose on our team. I would encourage everyone to explore your unique giftings! I believe that once you learn your gifts, you can begin to use them right where God has placed you.