Experience. Expression. Extension

Experience // Expression // Extension

Recently I have found myself confronted with this idea of Experience, Expression, and Extension in the kingdom work we do as Christ followers. How this is viewed and played out in the area of production is an important theme to embrace when we consider our roles. 

In this effort, we must consistently consider that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We need to remind ourselves of our position.

What we seek to create or experience in a service should be an expression of our love for God, and the love God has for His people. The hope is this expression extends past the walls we serve within. 

Participation is one thing, but participating and progressing should be the goal. 

As a believer, I have found myself less interested in the particulars of production and more intrigued by the spiritual act of worship involved in experiencing, expressing, and extending Gospel truth. 

If we consider that all things are possible with God, then perhaps we might be more apt to concern ourselves with the person instead of the position. I think this application is reversible when it comes to those who are serving and those who are experiencing our services. 

I’ll try to provide some more clarity. 

Naturally, we should always be more interested in the lives of those who serve than the position or role the person is fulfilling. In community we experience the lateral, life-giving love that God revealed to us in Jesus. He was more concerned about people than his position. His purpose was to serve and to show his followers how to live like him. 

It’s easy to forget this, or perhaps its difficult to see it, when we talk about the technical levels involved in production and the desire to serve well. 

A possible example — if I’m serving a specific role in production and I am completely consumed with that position, I’m probably not considering the fullness of my effectiveness as a believer. Whether I’m holding a camera, triggering a command, or speaking into a headset, my true position doesn’t change. Our true position is to glorify God. To place our minds attention and hearts affection towards Him. We can experience this in the roles we serve, but we must ensure our expression and extension don’t communicate an isolated view that singles out such experiences. 

For when we focus too intently on the impact we seek to have in an experience, we open ourselves up to becoming distracted from what God might be doing elsewhere.

Your position as a Jesus follower seeking to live and give the good news of the Gospel doesn’t depend on your specific role within the walls of church. The role you step into when you serve is a motion towards experiencing, expressing, and then extending God’s love to others. 

I pray you find this helpful. 

His extraordinary work through our ordinary obedience. 

In Him,